94-12-17 Irving Plaza
New York, New York, America
01. Dream Brother
02. Grace
03. So Real
04. Last Goodbye
05. What Will You Say
06. Chocolate / Mojo Pin
07. Eternal Life
08. Lilac Wine
09. Lover, You Should've Come Over
10. Vancouver / Kanga Roo

Backstage video footage exists.
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: B
AUD>?>TAPE>?>?really bad editing and DSP work?>CD(x)>EAC>FLAC
There are 2 sources spliced together to make this complete. I suspect at least 1 may have mp3 heritage, or had really, REALLY bad NR work done on it.

Source A - Tracks 01-08 (Bad tape source, editing and NR)
Source B - Tracks 08-10 (Slighly better tape source, bad editing and still NR(?))

some track editing and DSP has taken place. applause is occasionally cut short, and some tracks miss the first few notes.
weird garbling at the beginning of the boot sounds like NR, this is also backed up by different levels of tape noise when comparing tracks. (track 08 start to track 07)

Rolloff in both sources at 15k strongly suggests a lossy heritage in source. (probably MD/MP3)

Track 03: Incomplete (cut?)
Track 07: Missing first few notes
Track 10: Missing first few notes

01 Dream Brother.flac:e68ad9752bd169dbc3ee2eb2312f56ec
02 Grace.flac:7910aa1f6f656ba3ea183d2d542d1b46
03 So Real.flac:41d543de9febed78774590cd02ecc0fb
04 Last Goodbye.flac:58f7338890a61c3c3962092e9f30235d
05 What Will You Say.flac:9ecc3e90f0c8b5c9a9f8d552c55b9b8f
06 Chocolate-Mojo Pin.flac:cbef4bfc84ea0669d235c5b219a9f03e
07 Eternal Life.flac:98845361e06e307e232cbd15c9b308b7
08 Lilac Wine.flac:84456248e944054bdb663818e62b2c1d
09 Lover You Should've Come Over.flac:e6d24e9597b882f6cac17f16eca2df76
10 Vancouver-Kanga Roo.flac:f904d7125399442629135f80aa308c87