Kanga Roo
Cover of A. Chilton
Live Released
I first saw you
You had on blue jeans
Your eyes couldn't hide
I saw you breathing, oh

I saw you staring out in space

I next saw you
You were at the party
Thought you was a queen
Oh so flirty

I came against...

Didn't say excuse
Knew what i was doing
We looked very fine
as we were leaving
as we were making
what we were making


Saint Joan
doing a cool jerk
Oh I want you
like a kangaroo, oh...
Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh oh...
Jeff played this Big Star song in virtually all his shows, although his lyrics changed significantly from show to show, and even from the original text. Beck has also been known to cover this song.

'Why, wasn't he [Alex Chilton] everybody's hero? You know how Alex was at the time? Complete mental breakdown in the studio. Absolutely. I cry every time I hear it. It's so simple. It blows away everything I'll ever do.' -- Jeff Buckley (Aidin Vaziri Interview)

'I did that one [Kanga Roo] because after this album, no more covers. It's a personal growth issue I had with why I wanted to do things this way. And I suppose that people will want to request things in the future but I won't want to do them. But 'Kangaroo' came about because Sony wanted two B-sides for some reason. So I produced two songs live in the studio with the band. On of them was 'So Real' which is on the album actually, it was too good to be a B side - the other thing was 'Kangaroo.' Micky and I bonded over 'Kangaroo' a long time ago. We were just playing at rehearsal and I kept on playing that guitar motif. So we ended up doing it. And I wanted Sony to have a fourteen minute piece so they would be satisfied.' -- Jeff Buckley (Kylie Buddin, You Could Do Worse Zine #3)
Known Performances: (showing 10 of Array results)
94-06-18 Fez Under Time Cafe, New York, New York, America
94-06-19 'The Music Faucet', 91.1 WFMU, East Orange, New Jersey, America
94-06-25 Club Soda, Montreal, , Canada
94-07-25 Above Brainwash, San Francisco, California, America
94-07-29 McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, California, America
94-08-03 Chicago House, Austin, Texas, America
94-08-13 Black Cat, Washington, , America
94-08-28 Reading Festival, Reading, , England
94-09-01 The Garage, Finsbury Park, London, England
94-09-14 Nachtleban, Frankfurt, , Germany