That's All I Ask
Cover of Horace Ott
Live Released
Don't try to blow out the sun for me baby
I'm not hoping for what I know can't be
All that I ask is for a kiss each day
and I'll give you love that will never go away

Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will
This girl, I wouldn't ask you to lift up this great big world
little baby
I know that you're not that kind of a girl

All that I ask
is for a kiss or two
and nothing in this world will be too good for you

Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody ,
nobody knows
How deep my love for you really goes

Never mind now in your heart how much is owed...

Cause girl I want you to know
I wouldn't ask you to hold back the dawn, madame George, baby
That's just a little too much to ask to anyone

All that I ask
is for your loving ways
And I'll keep you happy
for the rest of your natural born days

Never mind now in your heart how much is owed...
Another homage to Nina Simone.
Known Performances: (showing 10 of Array results)
94-02-14 C'est What, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
94-08-13 Black Cat, Washington, , America
94-09-01 The Garage, Finsbury Park, London, England
94-10-25 Club Soda, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
94-10-28 Trinity Center Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
94-11-09 The Green Mill, Chicago, Illinois, America
94-11-29 Electric Lounge, Austin, Texas, America
94-12-01 Urban Art Bar, Houston, Texas, America
95-02-10 B-52, Lyon, , France
95-02-25 Nighttown Cafe, Rotterdam, , Netherlands