95-06-21 City Varieties
Leeds, England
01. The Way Young Lovers Do
02. Dream Brother
03. Lover, You Should've Come Over
04. So Real
05. Eternal Life
06. Mojo Pin
07. Kick Out The Jams
08. Grace
09. Lilac Wine
10. Last Goodbye
11. What Will You Say
12. Hallelujah / I Know It's Over
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: C
Frequency steps down twice at 17kHz, then rolls off hard at 18.5kHz. Only 2 tracks, tape hiss clearly audible.

D2 Track07.flac:af5de7774c5efc3cab18945ac5343ac2
Source 1b - AUD

Grade: A
Sony Walkman > Unknown Mic > C90 Cassette(M) > CD > Orig Flac Files > Wav > AudioJoiner > CDWave > AudioJoiner > CDWave > Flac Frontend > Flac
from the taper:
"I recorded the whole show on a borrowed Sony Professional Walkman but unfortunately I`d set the recording levels a bit high to begin with so some of the earlier tracks break up. Most of it is ok though. The mic was strapped to my wrist with the lead passing up my sleeve to the recorder which was hanging under my left arm, under a sweater. As you can imagine I couldn't do any clapping. It was recorded on a C90 cassette which I still have. The only bit of recording from the Jeff gig I didn't send you is when we catch up with [Jeff] after the show and he signed my ticket. I had the tape running while we hunted for a pen! In the end he found his fountain pen and we got his autograph. A special moment for me."