94-11-25 Lou's Records
Encinitas, California, America
"He was touring the west coast with his band after the album came out and they traveled in a large tour bus. They were scheduled to play the La Paloma Theater in Encinitas on a Saturday night and stopped by Lou's Records in the afternoon, pulling the tour bus right up to the curb on Coast Highway. Lou had bales of hay set up in the parking lot and Jeff performed a few songs solo. They had a contest which I won and I got the LP referred to above and a free ticket to the show that night. I already had the CD at this point and loved the album. I went up to Jeff after he finished singing and shook his hand. I told him that "Grace" was a fine piece of work and he was very modest and shy when he thanked me. He was a really quality artist and seemed almost painfully sensitive. I think you can hear that in his music, of course. I remember seeing him in the record store earlier and he was buying some R&B CDs." -- Anecdotal evidence, Carl Edwards (http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/j-buckley-grace-on-legacy-vinyl-in-october.226265/page-3)