94-03-18 Andy's Forge
London, England
11pm show. After the 10pm Bunjies show, Jeff and audience headed over to 'Andy's Forge' for an impromptu 90 minute set of covers and originals. Setlist unknown, apart from a cover of 'All Along The Watchtower' by Bob Dylan. Details from the book 'Dream Brother' by Dan Browne.

Emma Banks, Jeffs UK live agent recalls 'Another night he played at Bunjies in Soho: it was mobbed, and there were so many people still outside. So I booked a second gig for him to play at a different venue once he'd finished at Bunjies, because of the demand. I've never done that before, or since.' -- Interviews by Harriet Gibsone (Web Article, Remembering Jeff Buckley: People would listen with their mouths open, 8 March, 2016)