94-12-16 Tower Records
New York, New York, America
01. Mojo Pin
in-store performance.

"I first became aware of the power of Jeff Buckley's live performances when I saw him do an in-store concert at the East Village Tower Records in December 1994.

It was a freezing night, one of those nights when people's noses turn to radishes and their eyes blast open in fixed gazes of shock, and yet there we all were, waiting at midnight to be granted access into the store, shuffling around and talking to the nearest person to keep our mouths warm.

The concert was short but worth the wait. I managed to get a spot somewhere between the Vs and the Ws, not too far from the stage. Buckley, of course, was mesmerizing. He wore a white t-shirt, and his hair was longish, falling into his face—very sexy indeed. A denizen of the East Village at the time, he joked about how weird it was to play where he shopped (it was even weirder for me that I shopped where he shopped). Most of the songs played that night were from his then-new album, Grace, which I had somehow managed to learn all the lyrics to despite only having owned the album for a few weeks." -- Jody Beth Rosen (Review, 'A BRIEF MEMOIR OF AN EARLY BUCKLEY IN-STORE APPEARANCE, IF YOU WILL', toxicuniverse.com, 2001-07-05)

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