94-11-19 JBTV
Chicago, Illinois, America
01. Last Goodbye
02. (Interview)
03. So Real
04. Instrumental (jam)
05. Last Goodbye
06. Burning Inside
07. Last Goodbye (outtake)
08. So Cruel (outtack)
09. Last Goodbye
10. So Real (rehearsal)
11. So Real
in-studio acoustic group performance and interviews. Outtakes and alternate takes were not broadcast. and no, JBTV does not stand for Jeff Buckley TV!
Source 1a - PRO

Grade: B
low gen VHS > Stereo VCR > analog out > Canopus ADV100 > DV via FIREWIRE > LOSSLESS AVI > WinDV 1.2.3 > Canopus Procoder 2 > Crop/Trim/Colour fix > Encode @ VBR av. 7800 max 8000 min 7800, Stereo LPCM, 2 pass> m2v/wav > DVD Lab Pro 1.6 > authoring and menus > Transcoded without reencoding > VOB
audio left intact and unaltered. (ie, no DSP done - left in original form)

also includes JBTV Outtakes:
Last Goodbye
Burning Inside
Last Goodbye (1st take)
Last Goodbye (2nd take)
Last Goodbye (3rd take)
So Real (1st take)
So Real (2nd take)
Last Goodbye (4th take)
So Real (3rd take)

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d010376603ba804dd331918c9ed590af *VIDEO_TSVTS_01_0.IFO
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