94-08-31 Edwards No. 8
Birmingham, England
Peyote Radio Theater Tour Europe

A Review - 13 Years On!!
On the strength of a review in the N.M.E. (New Musical Express music paper) 'Grace', Jeff Buckley's full debut LP was purchased on the day of it's release & a night out at the small 500 capacity Edwards No8 club in Birmingham was planned a mere 8 days later on the last day of August '94.
Relatives of mine came along with me & my partner & although music lovers, they were bigger 'Night-Out' lovers & not knowing who JB was, the latter seemed to be the main intent of their enjoyment for the evening..........................that was until Jeff came on stage!
From the ethereal opening intro of 'Mojo Pin', through 'So Real', 'Lover, You Should've, & 'Last Goodbye' to the new to me epic 'Kanga-roo' (Big Star cover) finale, i, my partner AND my chatty relations were blown away!! The attention he (Jeff) commanded was duly given throughout the entire performance to the point where, at the end of the show, i'd placed him on a pedastool so high that i was too intimidated to approach him backstage & instead sent my partner in to get his autograph. Something i'd never felt or done before!
He wrote the words: ''Sweet Dreams Brother - Jeff Buckley'' on the back of the ticket stub which now has pride of place in a frame on my wall - a memento of a night i will never remember clearly enough but will never forget!!!
Phil Harris (31st August 2007)